A Murpy Bed Can Be An Excellent Way To Save Space

Murphys bed

Murphy beds, also called wall beds or folding beds, are a type of bed that can be pulled down from the wall. The Murphy Bed was invented around 1900 and Murphy beds introduced pivot and counterbalanced designs. Murphy beds can prove to be highly advantageous, especially in small spaces, allowing the space a bed would normally occupy to be used for other activities during the day. However, it is important to note that most Murphy beds do not have box springs. However, this is not to say the the Murphy bed design is not comfortable; in fact Murphy beds have come a long way in the last century and many today are as comfortable as free standing bed with a mattress and box spring. It is even possible to have a king size Murphy bed. Furthermore, you can even make your own Murphy bed with a wall bed kit. It is easy to find a wall bed kit at any local home store.

Of course, aside from a wall bed kit there are many other ways to effectively maximize space in a small apartment. Closet systems, in particular, are important. In fact, utilizing your closet space well with a closet system will pay off as organized space is space used more effectively. Furthermore, closet systems are adjustable to change your closet configuration as your needs and tastes evolve.

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  1. The idea of a Murphy bed just strikes me as totally awkward and uncomfortable! I feel like if you are short on space there are numerous options to consider aside from a Murphy bed. For example, a day bed, a fold out bed, etc.

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