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You may have heard the term Wiki bandied about on the blogosphere. So, just exactly what is Wiki? It is a software or web application that will let people to add, delete, or modify content while collaborating with others. This platform allows these edits to be done using just about any web browser.

Wiki, including my wiki platforms, allows the system to organize the contributions, in addition to being edited. One of the most popular and used wiki spaces is that of Wikipedia.

My wiki platforms are actually a form of content management system, and it differs from blogs because the content is added and edited without a defined administrator or owner. My wiki sites, and my wiki page sources can be either public or private, and can include community websites or intranets. Some of my wiki sites will allow control over different levels of access. Certain people will have certain rights regarding adding, deleting, or changing certain material. Other my wiki sites do not enforce any control over these functions.

The free wiki host platforms let these communities collaborate on any number of topics. These wikis use easy to use markup languages and a simple browser. There are no additional software packages or add ons required to use a my SQL wiki or other forms of a wiki. These wiki pages are usually connected using hyperlinks. This essentially creates a database for search for information. It is also a non linear and continually evolving.

One main characteristic that stands out about my Wiki pages is how easy it is to create and update these sites. Also, without an administrator or other leader, there is no review process in place for new entries or modification of existing ones. Many of the changes and additions can appear almost instantly. However, this can lead to abuse of my wiki pages, therefore, some private wiki servers make users register.

It is also interesting to note that since this is a community effort, those abuses or incorrect information entries are often corrected by other members. Again, this ensures high quality information through evolution. My own wiki pages are usually updated so quickly that erroneous information usually does not much attention.

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