A Laser Hair Removal Clinic That is Getting it Right

Brunette girl with long hairClear, perfect-looking skin is something that many people value, and consequently, it is no surprise the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons reports that in 2011 alone, more than six million cosmetic surgical procedures were performed by plastic surgeons around the globe, and more than eight million non-surgical ones.

These treatments included juvederm, skin rejuvenation, Botox cosmetics, and laser hair removal. While juvederm and other facial fillers have led the way in wrinkle treatment in recent years, laser hair removal has taken a back seat in cosmetics news. But behind Botox and hyaluronic acid treatments, laser hair removal was the third most popular non-surgical procedure administered in 2011, according to the ISAPS.

This is old news to one clinic that has been in the laser hair removal business for several years.

Dr. Woo and Dr. Campbell of Laser Rejuvenation Clinics & Spa in Calgary, explains that their clinic was one of the first in the country to utilize a laser in the hair removal process. The doctors explained that their Light Sheer Diode laser leads the way in this treatment. It produces a longer wavelength of light, providing a deeper laser penetration. The result is a more accurate distinction “between melanin pigment from all but those with the whitest of complexions,” say Drs. Woo and Campbell.

They also explain that this treatment reduces the chances of side effects, and tout the procedure’s efficacy: “We can guarantee a permanent reduction in hair growth. Factors such as stress and hormonal changes can stimulate hair growth, so we are unable to guarantee against physiological factors such as these, but the majority of our clients find the procedure to be very effective.”

The success of laser hair removal is dependent on the type of equipment, according to these doctors, and with the help of this laser, they have been able to treat hundreds of patients.

The Laser Rejuvenation Clinics & Spa also offers other cosmetic treatments, such as body contouring, vein therapy, facial peels.

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